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Canada Border Services Agency publishes target list of 2014 audit priorities

OTTAWA, Ont.–The Canada Border Services Agency (Customs) has published a target list of 27 verification (audit) priorities for 2014. Many of these commodities are carried forward from the Agency’s 2013 target list.

Companies importing any of the products on this list may be targeted for an audit. For valuation verification, fresh cut flowers, apparel footwear, yachts for pleasure or sport, preparations and pastrycooks’ products.

Tariff classification verification: fresh cut flowers, safety headgear, Wheel Rims and Spokes, Other Food Preparations, Palm Oil, Spent Fowl, Chemicals products of 38.08, Seaweed, Dextrins and Other Modified Starches,Coconut Milk from Asian Countries, Furniture for Non-Domestic Purposes, Pickles, Curling Irons, Aluminum Foil, Disposable and Protective Gloves, Spectacle Lenses, Batteries, Gazebos.

Origin Verification: Bedding and Drapery, Mattress Upholstery, Cotton Pants, T-Shirts.

In addition to these products, Customs has listed other products under the heading “Anticipated TC [Tariff Classification] Targets:” footwear; hair extensions; and apparel samples classified under tariff code 9936, said a release from