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NRC launches Fleet Forward 2020

Source: Daily News | 2014-10-16
OTTAWA, Ont. -- The National Research Council (NRC) wants to help fleet owners improve fuel efficiency, reduce repair and maintenance costs, decrease engine idle times, and minimize their environmental footprints.

Panel discusses favourite TMS features

Source: Daily News | 2014-10-15
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – While there is no one magic transportation management system (TMS) that will work for every company in every circumstance, there are a number of common features and functions that shippers and carriers want to see.

Mother Nature, human nature and the nature of technology

Source: Daily News | 2014-10-15
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- Although they may feel like opposing forces, evolving technology and changing weather are working to alter both the trucking industry and the people in it.

Mullen Group on Mill Creek, Kriska, and the Western Canadian trucking industry

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-28
OKOTOKS, Alta. -- Even though the majority of its business is in oilfield services, Mulllen Group Ltd. is more optimistic about the short-term future of its trucking and logistics operations.

Behind the Kriska-Mullen deal

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-25
PRESCOTT, Ont. -- As reported earlier, Mullen Group Ltd. and Kriska Holdings Ltd. have decided to combine some of their operations. In essence they are forming a new holding company (Kriska Transportation Group) which will oversee the...

Truck seller becomes bio-fuel producer

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-15
CHATHAM, Ont. – A used truck dealer plans on turning waste wood by-products into diesel fuel. “All of the provinces are increasing their [fuel] blending requirements, so we see this as the future,” said TATRO Trucks Ltd....

Canada and US go forward with joint trucking and transportation projects

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-05
OTTAWA, Ont. –- Canada and the US have agreed to co-operate more closely on a number of transportation issues and harmonize more safety and security regulations.

US FedEx drivers ruled employees

Source: Daily News | 2014-08-27
Oakland, Calif. -- Over two thousand FedEx drivers in California can now consider themselves employees and not contractors—at least for the time being.

Easier access for importers

Source: Daily News | 2014-07-21
FORT ERIE, Ont. – The federal government is making it easier for importers to bring goods into Canada.

Canada Transportation Act comes under early review

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-25
WINNIPEG, MB -- Spurred on by the serious backlog in grain deliveries that occurred during the 2013-14 crop year, transportation minister Lisa Raitt has bumped up a scheduled review of Canada’s transportation legislation.