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Mullen Group on Mill Creek, Kriska, and the Western Canadian trucking industry

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-28
OKOTOKS, Alta. -- Even though the majority of its business is in oilfield services, Mulllen Group Ltd. is more optimistic about the short-term future of its trucking and logistics operations.

Behind the Kriska-Mullen deal

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-25
PRESCOTT, Ont. -- As reported earlier, Mullen Group Ltd. and Kriska Holdings Ltd. have decided to combine some of their operations. In essence they are forming a new holding company (Kriska Transportation Group) which will oversee the...

Truck seller becomes bio-fuel producer

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-15
CHATHAM, Ont. – A used truck dealer plans on turning waste wood by-products into diesel fuel. “All of the provinces are increasing their [fuel] blending requirements, so we see this as the future,” said TATRO Trucks Ltd....

Canada and US go forward with joint trucking and transportation projects

Source: Daily News | 2014-09-05
OTTAWA, Ont. –- Canada and the US have agreed to co-operate more closely on a number of transportation issues and harmonize more safety and security regulations.

US FedEx drivers ruled employees

Source: Daily News | 2014-08-27
Oakland, Calif. -- Over two thousand FedEx drivers in California can now consider themselves employees and not contractors—at least for the time being.

Easier access for importers

Source: Daily News | 2014-07-21
FORT ERIE, Ont. – The federal government is making it easier for importers to bring goods into Canada.

Canada Transportation Act comes under early review

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-25
WINNIPEG, MB -- Spurred on by the serious backlog in grain deliveries that occurred during the 2013-14 crop year, transportation minister Lisa Raitt has bumped up a scheduled review of Canada’s transportation legislation.

CTA objects to proposed USDA border crossing fee increase

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-19
TORONTO, Ont. – The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has let the US government know it isn’t happy with plans to raise border-crossing fees on trucks.

Whistleblower line goes live

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-17
VANCOUVER, B.C. – In a bid to ensure all trucking companies are complying with the rules at Port Metro Vancouver, a new whistleblower phoneline has been launched.

Port Metro Vancouver gets $3 million to solve wait times

Source: Daily News | 2014-06-13
VANCOUVER, B.C. – The federal government has come up with funding to pay for technology that will help improve Port Metro Vancouver’s wait-time problems.