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TSI Terminal Systems Inc. closes Vanterm to Vancouver Cargo from Week 12

VANCOUVER, B.C.–TSI Terminal Systems Inc. has issued a Customer Service Notice to its ocean carriers, advising them that because of the ongoing truck disruption at Port Metro Vancouver, which began February 26, “while negotiations are continuing between these groups, we believe it is prudent to advise our customers of the necessary steps, considering that there may not be an immediate end.”

The terminal operated advised that without a resolution by this weekend, Vanterm will reach yard capacity.

“Buffer space for local traffic will be exhausted. Regretfully, beginning week 12 with the arrival of Ever Unison: 

1. Vanterm will only be able to:

– discharge import containers intended for rail, and

– load export and empty containers to vessel

 2. We will be unable to discharge local import containers for trucking off the terminal

 In order to maintain the fluidity to intermodal gateway, we request the evacuation of all empty equipment. Empty capacity has exceeded by accommodating extended CY dwell,” said the advisory.

According to the terminal operator, “despite the recent review between the Federally appointed mediator and the unionized / UTA trucking groups, this work interruption continues into this week. In the last 14 days, our terminals remained operational by re-allocating yard space to store the excess local freight. Despite maintaining our gate operations, these actions by the third parties have significantly reduced the number of daily gate transactions,” it said in the notice.

As a result, carriers will divert Vancouver destination cargo and are declaring force majeure. Disaster can only be diverted if truckers are back at work before the weekend.