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Conestoga College delivering program on literacy, essential skills for the Supply Chain

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.–Conestoga College, in partnership with Bow Valley College, Douglas College and the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council, is delivering a national project called Stocking Up on Skills: Developing Literacy and Essential Skills for the Supply Chain, announced a CSCSC release today.

The partners will develop learner-centred curriculum to be available through a custom-made website. The goal is that, following the project, HR staff will be able to direct their companies’ supply chain employees interested in learning or eligible for promotion to complete essential skills modules online.

Recent HR studies, including the Council’s 2012 HR Study Update, have identified an increased need for workplace skills in the sector. Workers at all levels are expected to use technology much more than in the past. The complexity of the regulations governing sector activities has also increased significantly. Finally, concerns related to recruitment challenges and impending retirements suggest that workers will be required to assume new and expanded roles more quickly than in the past. 

Essential skills are the skills needed to carry out a wide variety of everyday tasks, applicable to all occupations. Improving essential skills in the workforce has been proven to increase productivity; improve workplace safety; allow organizations to adopt new technology faster; improve capacity for learning; maximize the skills of the existing workforce; and help employees learn transferable skills in order to be more flexible in their jobs.

The project team is working with Independent Supply Company, Kitply Industries, Linamar Transportation and Triumph Gear Systems, and is seeking additional employers to participate in one or more of three ways:

To join the advisory committee; To provide an opportunity for the project team to speak to employees about the benefits of the program; and To pilot all or part of the training program.

The project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program, and will run until May 31, 2016. For further information or to participate, contact Sherri Tryon, Manager of Workforce Access Programs & Conestoga Career Centre (Waterloo), Conestoga College, at or 519-772-4605, ext. 5604.