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Transportation and logistics CEOs express optimism this year: PwC report

DAVOS, Switz.–According to a recent report from PwC, transportation & logistics CEOs are “more optimistic this year compared to last despite having some big worries, like transport infrastructure readiness. They’re currently focusing on developing a strong workforce, where they need it, but talent strategies will need to keep up and they’re improving their environmental footprint too.”

PwC recently released the transportation & logistics sector findings from the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey.

Topline findings include:

• High or volatile energy costs remain a concern for 76% of respondents and transport infrastructure is a key area of concern for 56%

• T&L CEOs overwhelmingly agree they’ll need to change their talent strategies to cope with future trends like demographic changes and urbanization but just 19% are already doing so

• Executives are targeting new growth markets in Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa for M&A activity

• Nearly all T&L CEOs (88%) agree or agree strongly that it’s important for their company to try and reduce their environmental footprint