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CANADIAN SHIPPER: Congratulations on being named to the prestigious list of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. Considering the extremely challenging economic climate motor carriers have had to navigate over the past five years, what do you think this says about your company?

Jones: We are very proud of the recognition that this award brings to the company. The criteria of this program is based on sustainable business performance and growth, alignment of the entire organization, and the presence of some intangible values that set the company apart from others in the Industry. I think that the award speaks to the way TransX continues to be customer and employee-centric, while delivering a unique mix of products, services, technology and value to the marketplace.

CANADIAN SHIPPER: Intermodal service can be a very cost-effective option, provided it is also reliable. Can you outline what TransX offers in this area, both domestically and for overseas customers?

Jones: We offer a number of different intermodal services. We have dry, heated, and refrigerated LTL and truckload services. We leverage our terminal infrastructure to create unique product solutions for our customers; we provide intermodal cost savings without compromising our ability to deliver to the grocery warehouse business in Western Canada. This reliability comes from a number of different areas, and improving reliability to the customer comes from good relations with the railways, doing what you said you are going to do, and having the assets (for example, company-owned chassis, secured yards, locally dispatched trucks, local management and dispatch, local company-owned maintenance facilities), and infrastructure to provide a well-trained and service orientated team.

CANADIAN SHIPPER: Your TX Logistics provides third-party solutions. Can you elaborate on the services offered and how they are integrated with TransX’s full slate of transportation services?

Jones: Our logistics team offers truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL), dry, heated and refrigerated services. By combining carefully selected partner carriers and the extensive TransX network of services, we have developed North America’s largest, most flexible and advanced integrated cargo network. Our partner carriers enable us to extend and grow our existing LTL and TL network by adding short and long-term capacity. This results in a stronger overall available capacity and a more extensive network that we can provide our customers.

CANADIAN SHIPPER: With all the new border regulations and delays at the border, transborder shipping is becoming increasingly complicated. Does having your own brokerage division simplify the process?

Jones: Expert Customs Brokers have been part of our organization for 18 years. We started into this business to make shipping to Canada easier for our customers. We had never really thought about the regulatory side of the business and the impact that those kinds of changes would have on our industry; understanding and complying with these regulations is not just an asset, it is imperative. Having the knowledge base and a different lens within the company has greatly enhanced some of our operational effectiveness, which translates into value to our customers.

CANADIAN SHIPPER: How would you like to see your company positioned 10 years from now and how will it get there?

Jones: In 10 years? WOW, that’s like 2-3 generations from now in the trucking business. We turned 50 this year, and although that’s a major milestone, you can’t look into the past, you always need to look forward. If asked that 10 years ago, knowing what I know today, my answer would be the same; we will be servicing the same customers while making the appropriate investments in people and capital to ensure that we can deliver cost-effective solutions to those customers. We know one thing for sure; we are well-suited, through our diversity and solution-driven approach, to keep ahead of the times and make sure we are here for the long run.

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