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Denmark to build fixed link underground tunnel to Germany

LEIPZIG, Ger.—Denmark’s Minister for Transport and Building, Hans Christian Schmidt, announced that Denmark will construct an 18 km long fixed link, an immersed tunnel, to Germany. The tunnel is expected to be the world’s longest of its type and the biggest construction project in the history of Denmark. It will reduce the travel distance to Germany by some 160 km. It will be financed by Denmark’s ‘State Guarantee Model’.

Schmidt spoke of the project at the opening plenary session of the 2016 International Transport Forum summit, held in Leipzig, Germany.

Denmark holds the 2016 Presidency of the ITF summit and hosted a reception May 18 to welcome ministers, journalists and industry attendees.

As a nation that stands among the world’s ten biggest, Schmidt said Denmark is also dependent on trade and transport. Aside from its underground tunnel project it has also facilitated road transport by adjusting to accommodate long combination vehicles. It is also making efforts by partnering with Sweden on the coordination of national aviation systems so that routes are more direct and so that fuel savings can be optimized.