Canadian Shipper


May 22, 2015

International shipping figure evokes prospect of “unmanned” ships

OTTAWA, Ont.-- A prominent international shipping figure has suggested "there will be a time when there will be a mix of manned and unmanned ships in coastal areas" around the world. This will require major revisions in collision regulations, said Peter Hinchcliffe, Secretary General of the London-based International Chamber of Shipping whose members account for 80% of the world tonnage on the high seas. He made this rather startling observation while commenting on global technological changes at an annual conference of the Canadian Shipowners Association and the Lake Carriers Association of the United States. Hinchcliffe acknowledged: "I would not personally like to be on the bridge of a manned ship waiting to know if the unmanned ship on my port bow will in fact give (right of) way." He indicated that he was aware of