Canadian Shipper


February 12, 2016

Canadian exports on “robust trend”: EDC

OTTAWA, Ont.--In his recent commentary on Canadian economic trends,Peter G Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada, noted that Canada’s merchandise exports ended a volatile 2015 with a 3.9 per cent monthly surge that cut the trade deficit by almost two-thirds. The December gift came in spite of widespread fears that Canada’s trade stats would continue to disappoint, treading gingerly into the New Year’s financial market maelstrom. Hall noted that December’s growth was attention-grabbing on a number of fronts. First, 10 of the 11 broad industry categories measured were up. Basic minerals was the only category to drop. Of the remaining sectors, five had a spectacular month, led by a 26 per cent surge in the aerospace industry. Mineral products had a banner